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Past Research

Autor Year Title Download
Ayers, R. D. 2001 Basic tests for models of the lip reed Get PDF
Ayers, R. D. & McLaughlin, M. T. 2001 Kinetic studies of air column acoustics Get PDF
Galvin, J. et al 2011 Auditory Training in Cochlear lmplant patients: Go Easy or Go Hard? Get PDF
Hyde, J. R. 2001 The importance of sound strength (G) in opera house accoustics: Intimacy and the role of early reflections Get PDF
Hyde, J. R. 2002 Acoustical intimacy in concert halls: Does visual input affect the aural experience? Get PDF
Ortega, J. C. 1991 Measurment of panel reflection using acoustical scale modeling techniques. Get PDF
Lesser, Ari, and Wells, Adam 2011 Contribution of Floor Treatment Characteristics to Background Noise Levels in Elementary School Classrooms Part 2 Get PDF
Giacomoni, C. & Hornecker, A. 2010 Contribution of Non-Verbal and Non-ventilation Noise Sources to Background Noise Levels in Elementary School Classrooms Part 1 Get PDF
Giacomoni, C. et al 2011 Just Noticeable Difference of Clarity Index (C80), Phase 2 Get PDF
Arch, V., Narins, P., et al 2008 Ultrasonic signalling by a Bornean frog Get PDF
Arch, V. & Narins, P. 2008 'Silent' signals: selective forces acting on ultrasonic communication systems in terrestrial vertebrates Get PDF
Gridi-Papp, M. et al 2008 Active control of ultrasonic hearing in frogs Get PDF 
Shen, J. et al 2008  Ultrasonic frogs show hyperacute phonotaxis to female courtship calls Get PDF 
Montgomery, Paul Jr. 2010 Low-cost thermoacoustic cogenerator for use in bio-mass burning cook stoves Get PDF
LoVerde, J. & Dong, W. 2010 Quantitative comparisons of resilient channel design and installation in single wood stud walls Get PDF 
LoVerde, J. & Dong, W. 2009 Quantitative comparisons of resilient channel designs and installation methods Get PDF 
Betit, A.  2010  Performance Details of Metal Stud Partitions Get PDF 
Scott, E. et al  2008 Acoustic Absorption and Impedance of Composite Aerogels  Get PDF 
Kryter, Karl  2007  Acoustical, sensory, and psychological research data and procedures for their use in predicting effects of environmental noises Get PDF 
Lubman, David 2008 Convolution-scattering model for staircase echoes at the temple of Kukulkan Get PDF 
Ahearn, M. & Schaeffler, M.  2009  The Just Noticeable Difference in the Clarity Index for Music, C80 Get PDF 
Rawlings, S. & Magee, J.  2007 Acoustic Characterization of Footfall Noise  Get PDF 
Tanen, R. and Silver, J.  2008  Acoustic & Vibratory Characterization of Footfall Noise, Phase 2  Get PDF 
Beers, C. & Klein, E. 2006  Behind the Lip Plane: Acoustic Radiation Study of Human Subjects and Head and Torso Simulators  Get PDF 
Dong, W. et al 2009 Acoustic Properties of Organic/Inorganic Composite Aerogels  Get PDF 
Hyde, J.  2003  Acoustical intimacy in concert halls: does visual input affect the aural experience?  Get PDF 
Hyde, J. & Moller, H.  2006  Sound Strength in Small Halls  Get PDF 
Moller, H. & Hyde, J.  2007  Behavior of Lateral Energy in Small Concert Halls  Get PDF 
Veneklasen, P.S. 1986  Science in the Service of the Performing Arts  Get PDF 

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