Foundation Mission

It is the purpose of the Paul S. Veneklasen Research Foundation to sponsor scientific research in acoustics and, when deemed appropriate, in additional areas of interest that are related to acoustics. Related areas could include any combination of visual and performing arts or visual arts in combination with background music. The Board of Directors of the Foundation will have the sole authority to decide which proposed projects in the related areas category are acceptable for funding.

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) defines acoustics as “the science of sound including its production, transmission and effects”. The conciseness of this definition belies the true scope of acoustics, for beginning in ancient times and continuing to this day, scientific investigation into the production, transmission, and effect of sound has resulted in an enormous library of knowledge.

It is the purpose of this Foundation to promote further scientific research in acoustics. In keeping with Paul Veneklasen’s desires and values, supported research must meet the highest standards of research design and performance. True scientific investigation seeks truth. It is the Foundation’s objective to sponsor research which aligns with this objective. 

Charged with the stewardship of the Foundation’s resources, the Board of Directors is committed to the judicious utilization of its available assets. A portion of those assets is invested in a diverse portfolio that follows a long term, slightly conservative, investment philosophy.

The United States is blessed with a large and diverse community of private foundations. It is the intent of the Foundation’s Board of Directors to develop and maintain sound relationships within this community in order to benefit from a wealth of shared resources and to contribute, whenever possible, to the success of this community. Over time, these actions, pursued diligently, will result in the emergence of the Foundation as a premier organization.

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